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The following represent personal opinions of Andy Dent and are not to be construed as official company policy.

Software Tools which make life easier


BBEdit Text editor with intelligence, fantastic file merge, grep search and replace I use all the time and continually enhanced
CodeWarrior Mac, Windows and Palm C++ compiler with common IDE. One of the most responsive companies around and continually improved. They also have embedded versions and (so I've read) a great Java environment included.

"I liked it so much I partnered with the company". Highly customisable screen designer and application generator which has multiple "languages" to generate resources and code.

The entire object model is user extensible and you receive source code for all code generators (in the AppMaker high-level OO language). Our PP2MFC product was developed using the standard documentation and examples that ship with AppMaker.

DreamWeaver Fantastic site editing tool which has made this site production vastly easier.
IPNetRouter Enables the Mac Classic OS to serve as a router so I can use the Mac safely for most Internet access but still do VPN access from my PC or use the PC web browser to access PC-only websites, check our site appearance etc.
Faircom c-tree Plus
(the engine in OOFILE Professional)
c-tree Plus just had to be listed under Mac to start with because that was one of the things which made it the logical choice of ISAM engine for us - they have always been a strong Mac supporter. It is of course available on most Windows, Unix platforms and more - one developer SDK includes all platforms.


CodeWarrior/Windows From a shaky start around Pro5, the IDE is now rock-solid and I use the general search/replace and file merge all the time even when having to work with Visual Studio. (Note: I mention the "shaky start" because it's too easy to see criticism on the net and forget that it may be outdated - MetroWerks are a company who put huge effort into product improvement so if you see a criticism of one of their products, be careful to check how recent a version is being discussed).
Objecteering Great UML CASE tool with free Personal edition that includes all UML diagrams plus DataFlow. Configurable documentation generation lets you generate a web site with all your OO documentation. Note: as of v5.2.1 the Personal edition is not free if being used on commercial projects.
Doxygen Free documentation generator that parses C++ source and generates diagrams, class descriptions and much more. Easily configured, I've become a big fan since starting to produce the OOFILE reference.
WinMerge Great freeware compare and file merge which I use on client sites when I don't have CodeWarrior.