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Godfather Holdings Pty Ltd trading as AD Software ABN 40 009 453 007

17 Water Crest Gardens, GWELUP  WA  6018 Australia

Phone: +61 416 249 271

mailto:sales@oofile.com.au http://www.oofile.com.au

Fax: +61 8 9203 9627

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OOFILE Database Backends:


OOFILE Personal
dBase-compatible backend for OOFILE


OOFILE Professional
database backend for Faircom's c-tree Plus® includes Personal edition and full development copy of c-tree Plus (SRP $895)


OOFILE Professional (without c-tree **




Upgrade any previous OOFILE Professional or Platform Bundle to OOFILE 1.4




AppMaker: the Programmers Assistant
(sold on behalf of Bowers Development) see also the news at http://www.appmakerx.com/


AMMFC - the AppMaker MFC Generator add-on
Generate Windows screens and source code using plain MFC or PowerPlant-Compatible MFC
(includes PP2MFC portability library)


Library able to be used by itself after you have converted screens with AMMFC.
PowerPlant to MFC portability library



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** OOFILE Professional without a bundled c-tree Plus is only available by direct authorisation from Faircom Corporation, the publishers of c-tree Plus.

For authorisation, please contact Randal Hoff
Director of Business Development
FairCom Corporation
2100 Forum Blvd., Suite C
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: 573-445-6833
Fax: 573-445-9698
E-mail: randal@faircom.com


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