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Perth, Western Australia - January 22nd, 2002 -- AD Software today announced the release of version 1.4 of its OOFILE cross-platform C++ application development library upgrade released for MacOS/X, Mac Classic, Windows and Unix.

OOFILE 1.4 is now available for download from http://www.oofile.com.au/downloads.html

This release represents a huge step forward in features and improved debugging and is compatible with CodeWarrior™ Pro7.1 and Visual C++™ v6. This is the first fully Carbonised release that will run natively on Mac OS/X™.

This is the first OOFILE upgrade for which we are charging. The bulk of OOFILE remains Open Source and only the commercial dBase-compatible and c-tree Plus™ database backends are being charged for an upgrade.
For more information mailto:upgrades@oofile.com.au or visit our website http://www.oofile.com.au/

OOFILE is a family of C++ application frameworks providing a database API, report-writer, graphing and forms interfaces on Macintosh, Windows and Unix (*). OOFILE features a range of database backends including the Professional version using Faircom's c-tree Plus® ISAM engine.
Most of OOFILE is Open Source including the Report Writer with its HTML, RTF, XMl and text rendering on all platforms including Unix servers. On Macintosh and Windows, the report-writer features editable previews and high-fidelity printing. With MacOS/X reports can now be saved as PDF.
OOFILE users range from hobbyists to professionals in corporate consultancies, across Europe, the USA and Asia.
OOFILE provides idiomatic C++ database manipulation as well as XML interfaces
and enables common business logic to be used across platforms.

ABOUT AD Software
AD Software is a private company based in Perth, Western Australia. It has provided consulting and software tools for cross-platform development since 1992 with a further decade of systems programming and database application development prior to that date. The CTO is Andy Dent, a well-known figure in the Macintosh and international Software Engineering communities.

(*) Unix support currently excludes forms interfaces and GUI preview and printing. We are investigating ports to wxWindows and welcome Open Source contributions.