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Recommended MFC and Windows Programming Books

The MFC Answer Book by Eugène Kain is an extremely straightforward cookbook of answers to common questions. It includes very easily read diagrams and explanations of the basics of MFC Doc/View and Message Passing architecture. Highly recommended.

Win32 Programming by Rector & Newcomer is the "Inside Mac" of Windows but much better and is essential if you want to understand any low level Windows behaviour particulary in printing, rendering text or drawing controls. I use it before the online help. Remember that lots of MFC is a very thin layer over the existing Win32 API. Most valuable are the bugs and places where it points out varying behaviour between Win32s, Win9x and NT.

Programming Windows with MFC by Jeff Prosise is just that - a very big book on programming Windows, right down to lots of drawing code. It's great if you want to use MFC for detailed Windows programming of the graphical content of your windows or as an overall MFC guide. It has a very nice online version included in the CD.

Another big book on MFC and particularly useful if you are using Visual C++ instead of CodeWarrior is Mike Blaszczak's Professional MFC with Visual C++ 5 or the newer (unread by me) Professional MFC with Visual C++ 6 to which I'm mildly ashamed to say I haven't bothered upgrading. Mike's book is a bit more readable than Prosise and overlaps in MFC topics considerably. He doesn't go into as much low-level detail on the graphical drawing side but sometimes I've found his explanations easier.

Aside - I'm a big fan of the red Wrox Press "Professional" series and have been very happy with others on OO development

MFC Internals by George Shepherd and Scott Wingo is a very dense book that is an essential companion if you want to venture deep into the depths of the MFC source code. It gets inside the heads of the MFC developers and explains a lot of why the MFC code is written the way it is! Hard reading at times but there's no substitute when you really need insight.

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