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Single page in a report writer preview window. More...

#include <oofrep.h>

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Public Member Functions

void appendElement (oofDE *adoptedElement)
void draw (const oofRect &)
oofDEelement (unsigned long) const
 oofRepPage ()
 ~oofRepPage ()

Static Public Member Functions

static oofRepPagecurrentlyConstructing ()

Private Member Functions

void append (unsigned long)
bool contains (unsigned long value) const
void CopyBits (const OOF_ExpandableLongArray &rhs)
unsigned long count () const
unsigned long countOccurrences (unsigned long) const
void deleteAllCells (bool alwaysDeleteStorage=false)
 Effectively delete cells by resetting mNextFreeEntry cursor. More...
void deleteAllMatching (unsigned long value)
void DeleteBits ()
void deleteFirstMatching (unsigned long value)
void deleteItem (unsigned long index)
void describe (std::ostream &) const
void ExpandToInclude (unsigned long indexToCover)
bool find (unsigned long value, unsigned long &foundAt) const
unsigned long index () const
bool Invariant () const
 Guarantee members managing storage are consistent. More...
unsigned long & item (unsigned long index)
bool more () const
void next ()
unsigned long & operator() ()
unsigned long & operator[] (unsigned long index)
void start ()
unsigned long value (unsigned long index) const

Private Attributes

unsigned long * mBits
unsigned long mDefaultValue
unsigned int mExpansionChunk
unsigned long mInternalIter
unsigned long mNextFreeEntry
unsigned long mNumSlots

Detailed Description

Single page in a report writer preview window.

Definition at line 1758 of file oofrep.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oofRepPage::oofRepPage ( )

Definition at line 1433 of file oofrep2.cpp.

oofRepPage::~oofRepPage ( )

Definition at line 1439 of file oofrep2.cpp.

References OOF_ExpandableLongArray::count(), and element().

Member Function Documentation

void oofRepPage::appendElement ( oofDE adoptedElement)

Definition at line 2776 of file oofrep.h.

References OOF_ExpandableLongArray::append().

Referenced by oofDE::appendElement().

oofRepPage * oofRepPage::currentlyConstructing ( )

Definition at line 2783 of file oofrep.h.

Referenced by oofDE::appendElement(), and oofRepWinGUIPreviewMFC::changeTextStyle().

void oofRepPage::draw ( const oofRect )
oofDE * oofRepPage::element ( unsigned long  n) const

Definition at line 2769 of file oofrep.h.

References OOF_ExpandableLongArray::value().

Referenced by draw(), and ~oofRepPage().

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