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oofRepEnvironment Class Referenceabstract

Abstracts a drawing environment. More...

#include <oofrep.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned long calcPageHeight ()=0
virtual unsigned long calcPageWidth ()=0
virtual bool canDraw ()
virtual void changeTextStyle (oofRepTextStyle *)=0
virtual void drawPageBorder (long top, long left, long bottom, long right)
virtual void drawPageBreak ()=0
virtual void drawSectionBreak ()
virtual void endEnvironment ()
virtual unsigned short heightOfTextStyle (oofRepTextStyle *)=0
virtual bool isPrintingEnvironment () const
virtual void makeRender ()
virtual void makeRenderDispatch (oofRepDrawable *) const =0
virtual void makeRenderDispatch (oofAdorner *) const =0
virtual bool preprocessesPageHeadersAndFooters () const
virtual oofRepRenderT renderType () const =0
virtual void resumeBandOverPage ()
virtual void splitBandOverPage ()
virtual void startEnvironment ()
virtual void startSection ()
virtual ~oofRepEnvironment ()

Detailed Description

Abstracts a drawing environment.

May be GUI, like oofRepMacPrint or purely textual like oofRepRTFEnv. When you add a new oofRepEnvironment you will need to add a makeRender method to oofRepDrawable The oofRepEnvironment class type causes different makeRender methods to be invoked.

See also
oofRepViewBand::makeRender(const oofRepMacEnv&) for an example
add general comment method rather than the specific stuff in oofRepPictBlock_RTFRender::draw for example.

Definition at line 406 of file oofrep.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual oofRepEnvironment::~oofRepEnvironment ( )

Definition at line 408 of file oofrep.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned long oofRepEnvironment::calcPageHeight ( )
pure virtual
virtual unsigned long oofRepEnvironment::calcPageWidth ( )
pure virtual
bool oofRepEnvironment::canDraw ( )

Reimplemented in oofRepStreamEnv.

Definition at line 1225 of file oofrep2.cpp.

Referenced by oofRep::draw(), and oofRepMulti::draw().

virtual void oofRepEnvironment::changeTextStyle ( oofRepTextStyle )
pure virtual
void oofRepEnvironment::drawPageBorder ( long  top,
long  left,
long  bottom,
long  right 

Reimplemented in oofRepMacEnv, and oofRepWinGUIPreviewMFC.

Definition at line 1266 of file oofrep2.cpp.

Referenced by oofRep::drawFirstPageHeaders(), and oofRep::drawPageHeaders().

virtual void oofRepEnvironment::drawPageBreak ( )
pure virtual
void oofRepEnvironment::drawSectionBreak ( )

Definition at line 1273 of file oofrep2.cpp.

References drawPageBreak().

Referenced by oofRepSection::drawSection().

void oofRepEnvironment::endEnvironment ( )
virtual unsigned short oofRepEnvironment::heightOfTextStyle ( oofRepTextStyle )
pure virtual
bool oofRepEnvironment::isPrintingEnvironment ( ) const
virtual void oofRepEnvironment::makeRender ( )

Definition at line 420 of file oofrep.h.

Referenced by oofRep::draw(), and oofRepMulti::draw().

virtual void oofRepEnvironment::makeRenderDispatch ( oofRepDrawable ) const
pure virtual
virtual void oofRepEnvironment::makeRenderDispatch ( oofAdorner ) const
pure virtual
bool oofRepEnvironment::preprocessesPageHeadersAndFooters ( ) const
virtual oofRepRenderT oofRepEnvironment::renderType ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void oofRepEnvironment::resumeBandOverPage ( )
virtual void oofRepEnvironment::splitBandOverPage ( )
void oofRepEnvironment::startEnvironment ( )
void oofRepEnvironment::startSection ( )

Reimplemented in oofRepXMLEnv, and oofRepRTFEnv.

Definition at line 1253 of file oofrep2.cpp.

Referenced by oofRepSection::drawSection().

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