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dbHelper Class Reference

Abstract base Controller class managing database to GUI mapping. More...

#include <oofgui.h>

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Public Member Functions

 dbHelper (dbTable *)
virtual void maybeChangeTargetLink (dbFieldLink *)
virtual void maybeDirty (dbFieldLink *)
virtual bool receiveMsg (OOFmsgT msg, unsigned long senderDefined)
 The default receiveMsg behaviour is to delete yourself when the broadcaster closes. More...
void resumeListening ()
virtual void subscribeTo (oofBroadcaster *)
void suspendListening ()
virtual dbTabletable () const
virtual void unsubscribe (oofBroadcaster *from=0)
virtual ~dbHelper ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned short mSuspendCount

Detailed Description

Abstract base Controller class managing database to GUI mapping.

Definition at line 355 of file oofgui.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dbHelper::dbHelper ( dbTable tbl)

Definition at line 266 of file oofgui.cpp.

dbHelper::~dbHelper ( )

Definition at line 272 of file oofgui.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void dbHelper::maybeChangeTargetLink ( dbFieldLink )

Reimplemented in dbAbstractEditHelper.

Definition at line 278 of file oofgui.cpp.

Referenced by dbFieldLink::maybeChangeTargetLink().

void dbHelper::maybeDirty ( dbFieldLink )

Reimplemented in dbAbstractEditHelper, and OOF_mixRepAbstractCellEditor.

Definition at line 285 of file oofgui.cpp.

Referenced by dbFieldLink::maybeDirty().

bool oofSingleListener::receiveMsg ( OOFmsgT  msg,
unsigned long  senderDefined 

The default receiveMsg behaviour is to delete yourself when the broadcaster closes.

In many user subclasses oofSingleListener is a mixin and you have a class owned elsewhere, not self-deleting.

\warning If a subclass is not self-deleting it MUST override receiveMsg 
handling of the msg OOFmsg_BroadcasterClosing to prevent runtime error.

However it is still important to set mListensTo=0 otherwise when you finally get around to deleting your oofSingleListener, it will try to update a deleted oofBroadcaster and cause a crash.

Implements oofReceiver.

Reimplemented in dbRelMaintainer, dbCloneCleanup, OOF_recordCacheCopier, dbFieldCopier, dbAbstractEditHelper, dbAbstractBrowseHelper, dbBrowseHelper, oofPromisedGraphSettings, oofPromisedRepTextStyle, oofRepData, oofE_Table, dbHierBrowseHelper, dbRelRefBase, and dbTableViewDisplay.

Definition at line 275 of file oofmsg.cpp.

References oofSingleListener::mListensTo, and OOFmsg_BroadcasterClosing.

Referenced by dbRelRefBase::receiveMsg(), oofPromisedGraphSettings::receiveMsg(), dbFieldCopier::receiveMsg(), and dbRelMaintainer::receiveMsg().

void oofSingleListener::resumeListening ( )
void oofSingleListener::subscribeTo ( oofBroadcaster broad)
void oofSingleListener::suspendListening ( )
dbTable * dbHelper::table ( ) const

Reimplemented in dbAbstractEditHelper, and dbAbstractBrowseHelper.

Definition at line 292 of file oofgui.cpp.

Referenced by dbFieldLink::readOnly().

void oofSingleListener::unsubscribe ( oofBroadcaster from = 0)

Member Data Documentation

oofBroadcaster* oofSingleListener::mListensTo
unsigned short oofSingleListener::mSuspendCount
oofBroadcaster* oofSingleListener::mSuspendedListensTo

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