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dbBrowseHelper Class Reference

Concrete implementation for PowerPlant. More...

#include <oofpp.h>

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Public Member Functions

void adoptView (dbView *)
void appendSelection (const dbSelection &)
void browseViewWithListBox (LListBox *)
void browseViewWithTable (LTextTableView *)
void clearHighlightedSelection ()
void clearSelection ()
dbSelection currentSelection () const
 dbBrowseHelper (dbView *adoptedView)
virtual void deleteSelection (const dbSelection &inSel)
void gotoHighlightedRecord () const
oidT highlightedOID () const
virtual unsigned long highlightedRecNo () const
virtual dbSelection highlightedSelection () const
virtual void highlightNothing () const
virtual void highlightRecNo (unsigned long, bool bSelect=TRUE) const
virtual void maybeChangeTargetLink (dbFieldLink *)
virtual void maybeDirty (dbFieldLink *)
virtual bool receiveMsg (OOFmsgT msg, unsigned long senderDefined)
 The default receiveMsg behaviour is to delete yourself when the broadcaster closes. More...
virtual void refreshBrowser ()
void removeSelection (const dbSelection &)
void resumeListening ()
virtual void subscribeTo (oofBroadcaster *)
void suspendListening ()
virtual dbTabletable () const
virtual void unsubscribe (oofBroadcaster *from=0)
virtual void updateBrowserSelection () const
virtual dbViewview () const
virtual ~dbBrowseHelper ()

Protected Member Functions

void LoadBrowseData ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned short mSuspendCount

Detailed Description

Concrete implementation for PowerPlant.

Definition at line 371 of file oofpp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dbBrowseHelper::dbBrowseHelper ( dbView adoptedView)

Definition at line 337 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbView::willSuppressHeadings().

dbBrowseHelper::~dbBrowseHelper ( )

Definition at line 349 of file oofpp.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void dbBrowseHelper::adoptView ( dbView theView)

Definition at line 357 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbTableDisplay::changeViewTo().

void dbBrowseHelper::appendSelection ( const dbSelection inSel)
void dbBrowseHelper::browseViewWithListBox ( LListBox *  inLB)
void dbBrowseHelper::browseViewWithTable ( LTextTableView *  inTable)
void dbBrowseHelper::clearHighlightedSelection ( )

Definition at line 503 of file oofpp.cpp.

References highlightedSelection(), and removeSelection().

void dbBrowseHelper::clearSelection ( )
dbSelection dbBrowseHelper::currentSelection ( ) const

Definition at line 541 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbTable::currentSelection(), and dbView::table().

void dbAbstractBrowseHelper::deleteSelection ( const dbSelection inSel)
void dbBrowseHelper::gotoHighlightedRecord ( ) const
oidT dbBrowseHelper::highlightedOID ( ) const
unsigned long dbBrowseHelper::highlightedRecNo ( ) const

Implements dbAbstractBrowseHelper.

Definition at line 424 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbTableDisplay::highlightedRow().

dbSelection dbBrowseHelper::highlightedSelection ( ) const
void dbBrowseHelper::highlightNothing ( ) const

Implements dbAbstractBrowseHelper.

Definition at line 603 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbTableDisplay::highlightNothing().

Referenced by updateBrowserSelection().

void dbBrowseHelper::highlightRecNo ( unsigned long  inRecNo,
bool  bSelect = TRUE 
) const
void dbBrowseHelper::LoadBrowseData ( )

Definition at line 610 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbTableDisplay::loadData().

Referenced by browseViewWithListBox(), and browseViewWithTable().

void dbHelper::maybeChangeTargetLink ( dbFieldLink )

Reimplemented in dbAbstractEditHelper.

Definition at line 278 of file oofgui.cpp.

Referenced by dbFieldLink::maybeChangeTargetLink().

void dbHelper::maybeDirty ( dbFieldLink )

Reimplemented in dbAbstractEditHelper, and OOF_mixRepAbstractCellEditor.

Definition at line 285 of file oofgui.cpp.

Referenced by dbFieldLink::maybeDirty().

bool dbBrowseHelper::receiveMsg ( OOFmsgT  msg,
unsigned long  senderDefined 

The default receiveMsg behaviour is to delete yourself when the broadcaster closes.

In many user subclasses oofSingleListener is a mixin and you have a class owned elsewhere, not self-deleting.

\warning If a subclass is not self-deleting it MUST override receiveMsg 
handling of the msg OOFmsg_BroadcasterClosing to prevent runtime error.

However it is still important to set mListensTo=0 otherwise when you finally get around to deleting your oofSingleListener, it will try to update a deleted oofBroadcaster and cause a crash.

Reimplemented from dbAbstractBrowseHelper.

Definition at line 634 of file oofpp.cpp.

References dbTableDisplay::deleteRow(), dbTableDisplay::displayUsesControl(), dbTable::dropRecordFromSelection(), OOFmsg_DeleteRecord, OOFmsg_GetDisplayTableHandler, dbConnect::raise(), dbAbstractBrowseHelper::receiveMsg(), and dbView::table().

void dbBrowseHelper::refreshBrowser ( )
void dbBrowseHelper::removeSelection ( const dbSelection inSel)
void oofSingleListener::resumeListening ( )
void oofSingleListener::subscribeTo ( oofBroadcaster broad)
void oofSingleListener::suspendListening ( )
dbTable * dbAbstractBrowseHelper::table ( ) const

Reimplemented from dbHelper.

Definition at line 308 of file oofgui.cpp.

References dbView::table(), and dbAbstractBrowseHelper::view().

Referenced by dbAbstractBrowseHelper::deleteSelection().

void oofSingleListener::unsubscribe ( oofBroadcaster from = 0)
void dbBrowseHelper::updateBrowserSelection ( ) const
dbView * dbBrowseHelper::view ( ) const

Implements dbAbstractBrowseHelper.

Definition at line 627 of file oofpp.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

oofBroadcaster* oofSingleListener::mListensTo
unsigned short oofSingleListener::mSuspendCount
oofBroadcaster* oofSingleListener::mSuspendedListensTo

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