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dbSorter Class Reference

Specify sort order by one more fields. More...

#include <oof1.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addSegment (dbField &)
void backendChangedContext (OOF_tableBackend *)
void backendSavedRecord (OOF_tableBackend *)
virtual dbSorterclone () const
virtual unsigned short countSegments () const
 dbSorter ()
 dbSorter (const dbSorter &)
 dbSorter (const OOF_FieldSegOwner &)
virtual void describe (std::ostream &) const
fieldNumT fieldNumberOfSegment (unsigned int) const
bool operator!= (const dbSorter *rhs) const
dbSorteroperator<< (dbField &)
dbSorteroperator>> (dbField &)
void resumeSorting ()
OOF_Segmentsegment (unsigned int) const
void selectionChanged ()
void setSortOnSaves (bool willSortOnSaves=true)
virtual unsigned short sortFieldNo () const
bool sortingSuspended () const
virtual void sortNow (OOF_tableBackend *)
virtual bool sortsBySingleField () const
virtual unsigned long state () const
void suspendSorting ()
void toggleSegmentReversedFlags ()
virtual ~dbSorter ()

Protected Attributes

bool mNeedsToSort
bool mSorting
bool mSortOnSaves
bool mSuspended

Detailed Description

Specify sort order by one more fields.

Sort object retained by dbTable and possibly others to provide specification again in future.

Definition at line 1277 of file oof1.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dbSorter::dbSorter ( )

Definition at line 2891 of file oof1.cpp.

Referenced by clone().

dbSorter::dbSorter ( const dbSorter rhs)

Definition at line 2899 of file oof1.cpp.

dbSorter::dbSorter ( const OOF_FieldSegOwner rhs)

Definition at line 2908 of file oof1.cpp.

virtual dbSorter::~dbSorter ( )

Definition at line 1282 of file oof1.h.

Member Function Documentation

void OOF_FieldSegOwner::addSegment ( dbField segField)

Reimplemented in dbCompoundField.

Definition at line 2861 of file oof1.cpp.

References OOF_Dictionary::append().

Referenced by dbCompoundField::addSegment(), OOF_FieldSegOwner::operator>>(), and operator>>().

void dbSorter::backendChangedContext ( OOF_tableBackend whoChanged)

Definition at line 2999 of file oof1.cpp.

References mNeedsToSort, mSuspended, and sortNow().

Referenced by OOF_simpleRecordBackend::ContextChange().

void dbSorter::backendSavedRecord ( OOF_tableBackend )

Definition at line 3015 of file oof1.cpp.

References mNeedsToSort, mSorting, mSortOnSaves, and mSuspended.

Referenced by OOF_simpleRecordBackend::saveRecord().

dbSorter * dbSorter::clone ( ) const

Reimplemented in dbFieldSorter.

Definition at line 2918 of file oof1.cpp.

References dbSorter(), and mSorting.

Referenced by OOF_simpleRecordBackend::OOF_simpleRecordBackend().

unsigned short OOF_FieldSegOwner::countSegments ( ) const
void dbSorter::describe ( std::ostream &  ) const
fieldNumT OOF_FieldSegOwner::fieldNumberOfSegment ( unsigned int  i) const
bool dbSorter::operator!= ( const dbSorter rhs) const
dbSorter & dbSorter::operator<< ( dbField segField)

Definition at line 2544 of file oof1.h.

dbSorter & dbSorter::operator>> ( dbField segField)
void dbSorter::resumeSorting ( )

Definition at line 3031 of file oof1.cpp.

References mSuspended.

Referenced by OOF_simpleRecordBackend::invert(), and dbTable::resumeSorting().

OOF_Segment * OOF_FieldSegOwner::segment ( unsigned int  i) const
void dbSorter::selectionChanged ( )

Definition at line 3007 of file oof1.cpp.

References mNeedsToSort, and mSorting.

void dbSorter::setSortOnSaves ( bool  willSortOnSaves = true)

Definition at line 2537 of file oof1.h.

unsigned short dbSorter::sortFieldNo ( ) const
bool dbSorter::sortingSuspended ( ) const

Definition at line 2530 of file oof1.h.

void dbSorter::sortNow ( OOF_tableBackend sorts)
bool dbSorter::sortsBySingleField ( ) const

Reimplemented in dbFieldSorter.

Definition at line 3048 of file oof1.cpp.

Referenced by operator!=(), and dbTable::setSortOrder().

unsigned long dbSorter::state ( ) const
void dbSorter::suspendSorting ( )

Definition at line 3024 of file oof1.cpp.

References mSuspended.

Referenced by OOF_simpleRecordBackend::invert(), and dbTable::suspendSorting().

void OOF_FieldSegOwner::toggleSegmentReversedFlags ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool dbSorter::mNeedsToSort
bool dbSorter::mSorting
bool dbSorter::mSortOnSaves

Definition at line 1312 of file oof1.h.

Referenced by backendSavedRecord(), dbFieldSorter::clone(), and state().

bool dbSorter::mSuspended

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