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OOF_FieldSegOwner Class Reference

Mixin for classes allowing you to declare segments based on fields. More...

#include <oof1.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addSegment (dbField &)
virtual unsigned short countSegments () const
fieldNumT fieldNumberOfSegment (unsigned int) const
 OOF_FieldSegOwner ()
 OOF_FieldSegOwner (const OOF_FieldSegOwner &)
OOF_FieldSegOwneroperator<< (dbField &)
OOF_FieldSegOwneroperator>> (dbField &)
OOF_Segmentsegment (unsigned int) const
void toggleSegmentReversedFlags ()
virtual ~OOF_FieldSegOwner ()

Detailed Description

Mixin for classes allowing you to declare segments based on fields.

Definition at line 1247 of file oof1.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OOF_FieldSegOwner::OOF_FieldSegOwner ( )

Definition at line 2841 of file oof1.cpp.

References OOF_Dictionary::ownsContents().

OOF_FieldSegOwner::OOF_FieldSegOwner ( const OOF_FieldSegOwner rhs)

Definition at line 2847 of file oof1.cpp.

virtual OOF_FieldSegOwner::~OOF_FieldSegOwner ( )

Definition at line 1252 of file oof1.h.

Member Function Documentation

void OOF_FieldSegOwner::addSegment ( dbField segField)

Reimplemented in dbCompoundField.

Definition at line 2861 of file oof1.cpp.

References OOF_Dictionary::append().

Referenced by dbCompoundField::addSegment(), operator>>(), and dbSorter::operator>>().

unsigned short OOF_FieldSegOwner::countSegments ( ) const
fieldNumT OOF_FieldSegOwner::fieldNumberOfSegment ( unsigned int  i) const
OOF_FieldSegOwner & OOF_FieldSegOwner::operator<< ( dbField segField)

Definition at line 2584 of file oof1.h.

OOF_FieldSegOwner & OOF_FieldSegOwner::operator>> ( dbField segField)

Definition at line 2868 of file oof1.cpp.

References addSegment(), countSegments(), segment(), and OOF_Segment::setReverse().

OOF_Segment * OOF_FieldSegOwner::segment ( unsigned int  i) const
void OOF_FieldSegOwner::toggleSegmentReversedFlags ( )

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