Updated to include every class as of December 2003.See the modules page for a structured breakdown of all the packages in OOFILE which includes every class. The Compound List lists every class with their brief descriptions.

For any given class, the "list of all members" link shows you all members including those inherited from parent classes, eg: for dbTable

Core Database

dbConnect, dbTable and dbField form the persistent hierarchy. dbView is often used in presenting lists of records. dbRelRefBase and dbRelationship are used to create relationships between dbTables.

Standalone fields allow you to declare local, non-persistent variables used with interfaces that take dbField.
The oofDatabase module lists other database classes.

GUI Forms Interface

Windows for entry and display of OOFILE data are managed by dbGUI. It uses helpers such as dbAbstractEditHelper that manage lists of dbFieldLink objects linking onscreen controls to database dbField's. Lists of records are managed by dbAbstractBrowseHelper.

The OOFILE GUI forms interface module lists other GUI classes.


Presentation frameworks provide display and printing of OOFILE data.

Report Writer

The banding report writer is an oofRep. It is rendered in different oofRepEnvironment's by a family of oofRepRender objects. Individual reports are configured by oofRepSettings and the defaults by oofRepDefaultSettings.

Simple Character Report Writer

A family of simple character-mode report writers descend from dbRep. They are most useful for quick dumps of one database table to HTML.


The graphing engine is oofGraph which draws series of data contained in oofSeriesSet using oofGeo objects for actual drawing. Individual graphs are configured by oofGraphSettings and the defaults by oofGraphDefaultSettings.