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OOFILE User's Manual

You should start here to learn how to use the OOFILE suite (after Installing the software).

As you can see, there are a variety of sub-sections stemming from this page. Each of the pages listed below represent a cluster of information that generally belongs together. Within each cluster the pages are in order but most of the clusters themselves tend to be seperate from one another. Below is a contents list with a basic desription of the information they are likely to contain.

You may either read these clusters consecutively or jump to whatever page you choose. The only advice you should need is that the first two clusters contain the basic information about how to define your database and tables, so it may be useful to know this at the start of your journey :)


Setting up your Database
Explains the basic operations needed in setting up your database -> defining, declaring tables, connection etc.
Table declaration
Explains how to create the table classes for your database (this was deemed important enough to split off from the section on database declarations above).
Basic data operations
Adding, copying and deleting data from your tables.
Basic Table Operations
Searching, sorting and navigating the database.
How to output your database (or parts therof) and also how to use input streams to put data into your database. Includes dbViews, creating your own error messages and viewing the schema of your database.
More topics
Everything else
Graphical user interfaces OOFILE-style.
Creating graphs.
Creating reports either simple or in html format (including as a table).
Some common errors that occur frequently.


Feature index

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