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Macintosh Application Developer


OOFILE "bleeds six colours".

OOFILE is developed first and foremost on the Mac.

Faircom's c-tree Plus ISAM engine was selected for the OOFILE Professional backend because of the Macintosh support.

Our second platform, ahead of Windows, was Unix, so we were heading in the MacOS/X direction without even knowing it :-)

The OOFILE dream first started back in about 1992 because I was frustrated developing with FoxBase and 4th Dimension and wanted to be able to use a language like C++ which gave me more flexibility in the user interface, more power in programming algorithms and yet had an easy to use toolkit for the mundane tasks of database applications.

OOFILE has been tightly integrated with Spec Bowers's AppMaker for generating database applications since about 1996.

We continue to work closely with Spec to enhance the RAD experience of AppMaker, not just for database applications, and to provide more platforms for AppMaker output.

If you want to take your Macintosh PowerPlant application to other platforms, PP2MFC is our solution. An 80/20 solution for porting your most common business logic, it is tightly integrated with AppMaker.

AppMaker can import an existing PowerPlant program's PPob and other resources and our AppMaker Windows generator will generate resources and code, either classical MFC or using PP2MFC.

Our latest OOFILE release, 1.4, has been tested thoroughly on Carbon and with CodeWarrior Pro 7.1 and PowerPlant will continue to be our main framework for classic and MacOS/X applications - we are already delivering MacOS/X solutions to local clients using PowerPlant. However, if you'd like to make a case for OOFILE integrating with Cocoa, please remember that it's Open Source and we'd love to hear from you!



Download OOFILE SDK and Sample Applications

See all OOFILE classes in our reference manual.