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OOFILE C++ Database

(SQL-free zone)
OOFILE is a cross-platform development environment for c++ shipped as royalty-free source code. If you know even a little C, you know how to write database queries and use OOFILE!

It consists of:

The OOFILE database API was the first such developed using usability techniques from the field of user interface design. It was explicitly aimed at getting c++ developers with little or no database experience up and running quickly, without compromising power or extensibility.

Whilst OOFILE pays some homage to the ODMG model, it was designed more to fit with the database model of people with some traditional dBase or ISAM record-oriented experience. Thus we use terms like dbTable and dbField.

The OOFILE database API and query language are plain c++, using operator overloading to provide the database language. eg:
People->search(People->Salary > 90000 || People->Name=="Dent");


expatpp C++ wrapper for expat - XML Parser Toolkit


See all OOFILE classes in our reference manual.