Quick site to show off some photos and discuss our house design.

We spent 8 months going through about 13 major versions with 2-3 minor revs on each one, using Deneba's Canvas drawing package, with great layer and dimension support to help produce a scaled 1:100 drawing that the builder could use as a starting point for their final drawings.

It's a misleading house - the block runs East-West and the house is narrow, taking up less than 40% of the surface area, but looks massive from an angle.

It's not particularly small, being just over 400sqm (about 4400 sq ft?) including the triple garage and huge office/gym at the end.

Anyway, it goes to show that a passive solar design doesn't have to look outlandish.

Note: this house is in the Southern Hemisphere (Perth, Western Australia) so our Winter sun is to the North, rising to about a 62° angle. Summer sun starts South of due East, at noon is up to 81° and sets South of due West.

Apart from the obvious eaves, we have:

The overall design of the house [ shape means the main North-facing glass area is shaded from the low Western afternoon sun in summer.

The main family area is inside the North-facing glass looking onto the courtyard and is all tiled, providing a heat sink for night-time warmth and cool thermal mass in Summer.

Whilst the house is ducted for air-conditioning we have no intention of installing any :-)

Photos page is slow - I've not had time to create thumbnails.

Please direct questions to Andy Dent.

Living with the House

After being in the house for a week (moved in July 2003) most of the solar design is working well, it's warm, light and airy.