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I am proud to have been a member since 1981 of Wong's Academy of Chinese Martial Arts, based in Perth, Western Australia. This article was originally my contribution to our latest academy magazine which is produced every few years.

Our Sifu is Dr Wong Kit Po, who was taught in Hong Kong - Chow Gar by Chow Biu and Tai Chi by Huang Shen Shyan.

This page is purely the responsibility of Andy Dent and does not represent in any way the views of the school or any other members.

Note: all comments on the history of schools and lineage of sifus below are taken from the public websites or have since been corrected via email. Please feel free to email Andy Dent - mailto:dent@oofile.com.au if you have a correction to make to the following. No slurs on anyone's school or insults are intended and the information is presented in good faith for the interest of Chow Gar practicioners worldwide. No implications of seniority are to be taken from the order of presentation.

Chow Gar on the Internet

Original Introduction

To make it easy to follow up the links in this article, it is available online at

Have you every wondered what Chow Gar sites may be out there on the internet and what other associations and clubs have published about themselves? Would you like to learn more about the history of Chow Gar in the USA, a country with many martials clubs and a habit of martial arts families dividing and fighting over who is most authentic?

(I am happy to say that Chow Gar seems very much to be "One Family" worldwide and to have avoided many of these disputes.)

Where do I look?

The links found below were a result of searching at Google (http://www.google.com/) for the phrases Chow Gar and Jow Gar

When you do a search for Chow Gar you will also find many many links to a different Chow Gar style - Chow Gar Tong Long the Southern Praying Mantis style.

There are pages describing Chow Yun Fat and even completely unrelated pages.

I also have learned that the Gar fish will Chow down on bait!

Since first writing this article, there is now a category on in the Open Directory (as used by Google and other major search engines) for Sports > Martial Arts > Kung Fu > Jow Ga


We use Chow Gar. Other common spellings are Chowka, Jowga, Jow Gar and Zhou Jia.


Quick Links to Photos & Movies

This is a collection of links into sites mentioned below so you can quickly see different Chow Gar action photos.

Many Weapons http://www.jowga.com/jowga.html

Trident vs sword and shield http://www.jowga.com/school.html

Kwan Do http://wongpeople.com/jowga.htm

Students in many different stances at http://www.geocities.com/zhoujiasg/HTML/History.html

Many photos from Hung Tao Choy Mei Kung Fu Academy gallery http://www.jowga.org/gallery/:

Range of movies with weapons including Double Daggers vs empty hand and Kwan Do vs Spear http://www.lamtuluankungfu.com/Demonstration.htm/




Milpitas, California

Sifu Tang taught in Vietnam by Lau Kim Cheung who learned from Lau Hau Leung, taught by Chow Biu in Hong Kong.


San Jose, California

Sifu Luu, Vinh has four masters: Mr. Yum Gil, Mr. Ho Yuen Hoi, Mr. Li Yil Cong and Mr. Luu Ching. They are all GrandMaster Luu Fuís students. Grandmaster Luu Ching is also Si-Fu Luu Vinh's uncle.

First formed in 1958 in Vietnam, in Silicon Valley since the 90's.

Site includes Kung Fu and Lion Dance videos.


Washington, DC.

Sifu: Raymond Wong taught by Dean Chin in Washington.

Range of photos including Kwan Do and three-sectional staff at http://www.wongpeople.com/other photo.html

This site contains a history of Dean Chin in the USA. A student of Chen Man Cheung in Hong Kong, he seems to have been the main source of teaching Chow Gar in the USA. http://www.wongpeople.com/grandmaster.html


Washington, DC.

Sifu: Rahim Muhammad taught by Dean Chin in Washington.

Hung Tao Choy Mei Kung Fu Academy


Columbia, Maryland

Sifu: Derek Johnson (Given Chinese Name: Chong Tai Lik) taught by Dean Chin in Washington.

Photos of him in action http://www.jowtigers.com/derekjohnson.html

It has a comprehensive history of Chow Gar in the USA at http://www.jowtigers.com/us_history.html


Wyoming, Michigan

Sifu Sam Chan (trained in Hong Kong by Lee Ngai)

Click on their System button for a description of the different sash levels and the sets and weapon mastery required.



Herndon, Virginia

Sifu Reza Momenan taught Chow Gar by Dean Chin in Washington and Deric Mims and Raymond Wong following Sifu Chin's death.

Sifu Hon Lee taught Chow Gar by Dean Chin in Washington and later directly by Grandmaster Chan Man Cheung in HK.



Yorktown, Virginia

Sifu Hoy K. Lee, taught by Po Do Gee and later became a disciple under Chan Man Cheung in Hong Kong. In Washington D.C., Hoy Lee opened a school in 1968 with the help of senior classmate Dean Chin. Due to family obligations, the school was handed to Dean Chin to continue teaching.

They have a full history at http://www.jowga.com/history.html

Great photo of many weapons arrayed against the walls at http://www.jowga.com/jowga.html

Photo showing trident vs sword and shield http://www.jowga.com/school.html



Richmond, Virginia

Sifu Charles Middleton taught by Derek Mims and Hoy K Lee in Virginia

Has a nice list of Cantonese terms




This is the other Chow Gar school in Perth, Western Australia, descending from the Vietnamese side.

Sifu Patrick Luong was taught by Lau Kim Chung in Vietnam after Lau Hoe Lurng took Chow Gar from Hong Kong (where he was taught by Chow Biu) to Vietnam.

Full lineage shown at http://www.shaolinchowka.com/history/


Sydney-based schools.

Sifu Randy Sullivan Bennett taught initially by Chin Yuk Din (Dean Chin) in the USA, disciple of Chen Man Cheung and later recognised as a direct disciple by Chen Man Cheung.


School established in 1988.

Sifu Lam taught in Vietnam by Leung Kiem Xuong from the age of seven and later studying with with various other exponents throughout the world. Great movies and pictures.


Sydney-based schools and also offering correspondence courses (Pak Mei only).

Sifu Andy Truong taught by Master Ly Y Tuong and Ly Truong in Jow Gar, also a sifu in Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) and Lung Ying (Dragon style), all three being Southern Chinese styles.

Site has a wide number of pictures and video clips (Jow Gar clips available after you take out free membership of the site) as well as many articles and discussion forums.




West island of Montreal.

Sifu Li Chi Tao taught Chow Gar by his father Li Sing Ming, who learned from uncle Li Ngou taught by Chow Biu.

Includes description of how the Pa Kua staff techniques were handed down and incorporated in Chow Gar as part of a more detailed history at http://www.chitaolikungfu.com/history.htm than most sites provide.




Courtesy of Björn Henke.

Mai Liang (alias Mai Zhang Qing) taught by Chow Long and established Zhong Wai Chow Ren Yi Tang school in HK, younger brother Mai Zhi (alias Mai Zhang Xiong) taught Lim Chin Kim and in turn Seet Chor Thong.

Not clear from site whether it represents a single school in Germany and who is current sifu.



Shaolin Hung Choy Association in Gevelsberg, West Germany.

Sifu Frank Greinacher who opened the first Zhou Jia school in 1979 in Gevelsberg, in cooperation with Ralf Ziegler. Taught by Seet Chor Thong in Germany then continued studying with him and Yeo Lian Hock and his sifu Lim Chin Kim from the Nia Kwang Pugilistic Association in Singapore.

http://www.shaolin-hung-choy.de/site/e_index.htm family tree link shows a nice breakdown of the terms for your Chow Gar "family" and further links to lots of information on the history and instructors of the school.




Polish site apparently with several pages about their Sifu and training


Another Polish site, linked from http://www.jowtigers.com/


The YMAA NEWS Twelth Issue Dec 15 1989

During the second half of the 70's, several instructors representing both Karate and other styles of self- defense became interested in the roots of their art. Some of them turned their interest towards the Chineses martial styles. As a result, several studios were founded in Poland where the instructors started to teach "Kung Fu - Like" styles. I write "like" because most of the instructors learned about kung fu from books, with no personal instruction from a qualified teacher. The first of the Kung Fu studios, locations, styles and names of the instructors were as follows: Krakow - Chow Gar (G. Ciembroniewicz and R. Piwowonski). Both instructors were students of Montreal's Wu Do Kan.




Zhong Wai Zhou Ji Quan Association

Run by Lee Kum Yuen & Lee Kam Kar sons of the late Sifu Lee Kuan (trained by Lam Chok Poon in China).

nice photo gallery of students in many different stances at http://www.geocities.com/zhoujiasg/HTML/History.html




http://www.buksing.com/chow_loong.html contains the history of Chow Lung and description how this Buk Sing school relates to Chow Gar, unlike most other Buk Sing schools.

Grandmaster Vince Lacey's Si-Gung, Kong On, and his son, Kong Hing, who was Grandmaster Lacey's Sifu. Kong On first studied Chow Gar, then Choy Lay Fut, and finally Buk Siu Lam, Northern Shaolin style kung fu. 

Grandmaster Lacey studied Choy Lay Fut kung fu under Kong Hing, and absorbed the Chow Gar style from him.




Summary of history, points to two schools.


Chow Gar (C) Lit. Chow Family; A southern Chinese style similair to Choy Gar.



Canadian Martial Arts Games Committee Describes the rules for Chinese Martial Arts competitions, classifies Chow Gar as a Low Stance and Solid Type



At that time in the martial world of Canton, there were four kung fu fighters who were nicknamed 'diehards'. My father was one of them, nicknamed the "Second Diehard". The other three were the "First Diehard" Wong Kai, nicknamed "Diehard Kai", who followed Lau Chung of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut; the "Third Diehard" Chan Dao, nicknamed "Diehard Dao", who followed Chow Loong, founder of Chow Gar kung fu



http://pages.prodigy.net/david_wolfe/pmaa/Chinese_terms_C.html And similar pages, eg:

Typical entries:
Chow gar is a southern Chinese martial art style founded by Chow Lung as a variation of Hung gar with the addition of Pa kua staff techniques.
Pek is the Chow gar term for chop






Please let me know if you find any more interesting sites and I will continue to update this page.

Andy Dent

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