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The following interface is Copyright 1997 Mercator Software Pty Ltd.

The Student Information window is typical of the 5 information windows in KIDMAP. It allows vertical movement through the list of students, looking at the same details for each student in turn. It also lets you see all the details for a given student by clicking on the different tabs.

Whilst you may be tempted (if you use Windows) to think of this screen as being based on the Windows Explorer, it was evolved through a great deal of user modelling and predates the popularity of Explorer views in Windows apps. (They were also utterly unknown on the Mac at that time.)

The interface which this screen replaces had a separate list from which you selected a current student and the form which was displayed contained only the data in the Personal panel shown below. To see the related data shown in the Enrolled and other tabs you had to run a report preview and zoom in the report window. To make changes, you had to go to yet another form.

After years of the original VB interface, the user reaction to this highly condensed interface was generally ecstatic.


You get to the Student Information screen by choosing Students - View Records from the main menu bar, or from the Organising menu on the Main "Teaching Cycle" screen.

Click on the Enrolled tab to see that panel.