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It is a walkthrough of parts of the interface to a teacher support program used by tens of thousands of teachers in Australia and the USA. My redesign of this system in 1997 has remained essentially untouched until at least 2002 and received a lot of positive feedback from teachers as being consistent and easy to use for hours a day.

KIDMAP for Macintosh was developed using AppMaker to design the interface and generate code, being the largest product developed with AppMaker at that time. Considerable extensions were made to AppMaker to link in the OOFILE database development tools, the forms engine and report-writer portion of which were developed for this project.

After the successful use of the Mac version for a year, our cross-platform technology was developed to continue to allow the application to be generated from AppMaker, with about 98% common business logic between the Mac and Windows versions. The first C++ Windows version included Windows 3.1 support via Win32s.

These pages were first put online to allow people to walk through the interface without any other links, mimicing the experience of using the application.

The following interface is Copyright 1997 Mercator Software Pty Ltd. and shown by permission of the CEO Sandra Milligan.

Main "Teaching Cycle" screen appears when you have logged into the program.

Click on the Organising button to see the menu that drops down.

Main Screen